3DCadPortal_logo-poster-90x60cms.jpg is an information portal on technologies for design, engineering and manufacturing. Information resources on CADCAMCAE, PLM, additive manufacturing, metrology, IoT, AR, RV, industry 4.0


Online Magazine of Manufacturing, Industry and Metalworking, Industrial Processes, Technology Sectors, health sector, Food sector, etc.


ASQ is the world's largest community of quality experts. Created 74 years ago, ASQ is a leader in training, individual certification and tools related to quality and continuous improvement for all types of industries, thanks to the work and support of its more than 100,000 partners.


The objective of the Cluster is create a platform that provides the Baja California medical device industry to maintain global competitiveness through the consensus and synergy of all manufacturing companies and their relationship with public and private initiative, supporting their growth, development and training in topics related to the industry.


Editorial Nova has a solid presence in the Mexican industrial market, achieved throughout its 37 years. The main industries and industrial businesses, both national and foreign, that sell their products and services in the Mexican industrial market, today use our means.


Empresa de publicidad y marketing, dedicada en especial al marketing empresarial b2b.

Nuestro catálogo de proveedores va dirigido a la industria con el objetivo de ser el medio de difusión y contacto entre empresas y ser un medio de publicidad dirigido estratégicamente a las empresas. 



WOR Business Center           

Av. Eugenio Garza Sada #3820, Torre Micropolis, Oficinas Piso 8

Colonia Mas Palomas C.P. 64780

Monterrey, Nuevo León, México

Tel.  (+52) 818-387-4067



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