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3D Cad portal medio aliado con FITMA is an information portal on technologies for design, engineering and manufacturing. Information resources on CADCAMCAE, PLM, additive manufacturing, metrology, IoT, AR, RV, industry 4.0


AirTrade World is a strategic communication company specialized in Advertising and Social Media for Business.  We have a Digital Magazine focused on the Globalized Aerospace Sector.

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ASQ is the world's largest community of quality experts. Created 75 years ago, ASQ is a leader in training, individual certification, and quality tools for all types of industries thanks to the work and support of its more than 100,000 members.

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Are you a supplier? Use our industry platform to contact your buyers. Create your 24/7 showcase with your products or services, share your success stories and receive quotation requests every day. Are you a buyer? Find all the products and services you are looking for, as well as offers on our platform. Find your ideal supplier at no cost.

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