Gardner Business Media (GBM) is among the most important publishers in North America’s manufacturing industry, providing unique and relevant information of great interest to the people who run the plants, machine shops and factories of the metalworking and many other sectors.

Modern Machine Shop Mexico is a technical publication with six years of presence reporting  technological news and best practices for the metalworking sector in Mexico. Modern Machine Shop México is published by Gardner Business Media.

MMS Mexico gives your company essential access to an increasingly empowered manufacturing audience in Mexico.

FITMA is presented by Modern Machine Shop México and sister publications. MMS México provides unprecedented editorial content, reaching manufacturing plants along with decades of experience to offer articles of large format, insightful and impressive.



Gardner Business Media  strives to use all media channels, whether print publications, websites, electronic devices, newsletters, webinars, research or events, to offer its audiences best practices and useful information to explain the technology and help companies to be competitive in today’s challenging world.

Our experienced Marketing and Editorial Teams develop and promote print and digital media, social media, webinars, and live events to provide world-class resources to the Mexican public with input into equipment acquisitions - an integrated communication strategy designed to increase sales and market share of its products and services.

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